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Sunset Cruise

View sunset in the stunning angle

Sunset Cruise Langkawi

The next best thing to do is Sunset Cruise, check the location, timings of the trip, price of the tour, both share and private and make your online booking.

Scenic Day Cruise

Start 10:00 hrs - 14:00 hrs
Depart from Resort World Langkawi
* if you have 20 people, we suggest you take private cruise.

MYR 99.00 Per Person

Sunset Cruise

Start at 17:00 hrs and finish at 20:00 hrs
Depart from Resort World.
* if you have 20 people, we suggest you take private cruise.

MYR 88.00 Per Person

Four Hours Scenic Day Cruise on Catmaran, Langkawi

This is a cruise of an exploration of scenic picturesque, witness the surrounding of Langkawi waters. It will include a parts of 99 islands in the sun. The turquoise water, the greenly rock formation that formed the island. They are Pulau Tuba, Pulau Lintang, Pulau Tanggok Kechil, Pulau Tanggok Besar, Pulau Chupak, Pulau Lading, Pulau Keri, Pulau Bumbon Besar and Pulau Tiloi.

You can splashed your body with what we called Jacuzzi net which is tailed at the yacht to more specific, three-hulled catamaran. During doing that, you can have your drink in your hand. You can ask somebody on deck to snap your photos and share it up. Tell them that you are in the Jacuzzi net, tailed by a catamaran in Langkawi. It was so awesome which not everybody could afford to experience that.

You will be amazed and impressed by people around you from multi races, cultural, countries and background. You will able to snap pictures among yourself and could blend up with others and share the fun.

Langkawi waters is where you will brought to. It comprises of 99 islands surrounded Langkawi Island itself. Pulau Tuba, Pulau Lintang, Pulau Tanggok Kechil, Pulau Tanggok Besar, Pulau Chupak, Pulau Lading, Pulau Keri, Pulau Bumbon Besar and Pulau Tiloi is where we are going to be. Unfortunately we can't step foot since it has no beach or proper jetty where we could berth at. And the cruise is not focusing on the individual island specificly.

Scenic Day Yacht (catamaran) Cruise is which we will experience is a stunning and breath taking leisure cruise. Scenic is our focus point. This is the one which is hard to get for people from the city. Please spend some time which your wallet will not be empty, come to the place where people around the world struggle to come. It is Langkawi which is an truly asia, tropical and its people.

So, who is interested? Who will take this opportunity may be once in a lifetime. Who will you bring? Bring your family, faience, girlfriend, whoever you think suit your trip.

The best time to join the cruise is along the year. Langkawi is ideal place to visit anytime you like. Not like its cousins in the east.

You know why you have to come to Langkawi and meet us here on the catamaran? Because you cannot find it elsewhere. And why us? Because nobody could do as good as we are. Why? Because our price is affordable for every level of people.

We didn't say we are the best. But we try harder and harder to provide the best and finest service to our guests. You are the best, making your way to island of legends.

Four Hours Sunset Yacht Cruise on Catamaran, Langkawi

There are plenty of options for spending four hour sailing around the Langkawi islands. The cruise could start at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club at 16.00 pm and lead past some fascinating islands with steep limestone rocks and a number of secluded Pulau Timun, Pulau Bumbon Besar, Pulau Chupak, Pulau Landing (for Jacuzzi net 1 hours), Pulau Kedera, Pulau Kukus, Pulau Tuba and Dataran Lang (for sunset and party). Like the other option of cruise, please experience water jacuzzi net. Don't leave without it.

Imagine that you is exploring the Asia's oldest rock formation, narrated by well-spoken tour guide. You will experience the Langkawi Geopark, the 450 million years formation which make Langkawi the oldest island in south East Asia. As a result, witness the 99 island in the sun. The 450 million years old 99 islands of legend.

Light but delicious meals with seafood, chicken and veggies, will be served.

See you in Langkawi!

Cruises details

    Price : MYR99.00 per person
    Cruise Type : Sharing Cruise
    Start Time : Anytime from 11:00  hrs to  14:00 hrs
    Duration : 4 hours
    Departure Location : Resort World Langkawi
    Price : MYR99.00 per person
    Cruise Type : Sharing Cruise
    Start Time : Anytime from 16:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs
    Duration : 4 hours
    Departure Location : Resort World
    In-Cruise Bento Meal 1. Golden Fried Rice - wok fried rice with mixed vegetables. 2. Grilled Lemon Butter Seafood – pan grilled squid, prawn and seabass fillet with lemon butter sauce. 3. Grilled Chicken Mushroom – Grilled marinated chicken thigh with mushroom sauce. 4. Asian stir-fry Vegetables – Stir-fry broccoli, carrot, and mushroom with oyster sauce.
Sunset Dinner Cruise and Day Cruise, Langkawi . Things you need to know.
You might want to know some information about sunset dinner cruise in Langkawi before place your booking. If your question is not in the list, please send us a message.
  • Scenic Day Cruise or Sunset Cruise? Scenic Day Cruise is in the afternoon, no sunset. Sunset Cruise start in the late evening and you will be able to view sunset.
  • Island Hopping Langkawi. Get discount and save big. Book now to lock your rate. Island Hopping Langkawi is now offering lower price. Beras Basah, Dayang Bunting and Singa Besar Island.
  • What time Sunset Cruise Langkawi always start? This Sunset Cruise start at 16:00 hrs and finish at 20:00 hrs.
  • Where Sunset Cruise Langkawi depart? Sunset Cruise depart from Resort World Langkawi.
  • Sunset Cruise come with dinner? Packed dinner is available with add-on basis which is only RM25.00 per person.
  • Can we do snorkelling on Sunset Cruise? Snorkelling is not the priority on this cruise. Its the sunset that we focused on.
  • Sunset Cruise Langkawi provide salt water jacuzzi? Yes, you can always dip yourself in the water and secured by the net and it will drag along by the yacht.
  • Sunset Cruise could be booked by walk-in? No. All booking and reservation should be done in advance, at least 2 to 3 days earlier. To confirm the booking, full amount of payment should be paid.
  • When is the best time for Sunset Cruise Langkawi? The busiest is at the weekend, Saturday and Monday.
  • Can we bring children along on the Sunset Cruise Langkawi? Yes, you can bring along your baby or child.
  • What is the price for Sunset Cruise Langkawi? The price for Sunset Cruise Langkawi is RM99 per person.
  • How do we book the Langkawi Sunset Cruise? You can book at our website. Send your request by Whatsapp to us, and we will confirm you booking if there is availability for you. All confirmed booking should come with full payment at least 12 hours before your cruise date and time.
  • Where is the meeting point of Sunset Cruise Langkawi? The meeting point of Sunset Cruise Langkawi is at the lobby of Resort World Langkawi.

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