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Jet Ski Tour Langkawi. 3 hours Island Hopping tour with jet ski.

3 hours Jet Ski tour to Langkawi islands. Visit 3 islands, Visit Beras Basah, Dayang Bunting and Singa Besar. Guided Tour. Check your availbility now.

Jet Ski Tour Langkawi

The famous 3 hours Langkawi guided jet ski tour to 3 islands, Beras Basah, Dayang Bunting and Singa Besar. Daily trip start from 10AM. Advance booking only.

Three Hours Jet Ski Tour

Visit 3 islands.
Start anytime from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Located by the beach of Cenang, will send you the location map.
Snorkelling Gears included.

MYR 580.00 ride with passenger
(Price is for 1 unit of jet ski)

3 Hours Guided Jet-ski Tour to Three Islands, Langkawi.


Our Guided Jet-Ski Tour to Three Island of Langkawi.

In this tour, our professional guide will lead you with you jet-ski to the island which are popular for island hopping. In Langkawi, Beras Basah, Singa Besar and Dayang Bunting are the island that we are going to visit. Beside that we also will do eagle feeding. This four-hour tour ride will give you the best in life experience in the Langkawi waters.

What to Know Before You Take Your Jet Ski to Beras Basah, Dayang Bunting and Singa Besar.

A jet ski is an exciting and exhilarating riding experience that millions of people enjoy all year in different places all over the world. Riding a jet ski in the three islands is a whole different enjoyment. It may sound overwhelming but with careful preparation, you are sure to have a great experience. We will go over what to expect and know before riding your jet ski into the sunset in the ocean.

Recommended Experience Level.

In any sport there is a recommended level of experience one should have. Ocean jet skiing is not typically recommended for beginner riders. This does not mean a beginner rider should not try but this does mean they should definitely ride with someone is more experienced. We also strongly recommend riders or passengers know how to swim if the rider/passenger does not know how to swim we don’t suggest they go for a ride. The ocean can be a little more unforgiving than a river or lake because of how powerful the water is, be prepared for these waves and don’t panic if you fall off your ski. Panicking only makes matters worse!

Proper Riding Etiquette.

When riding or driving anything, know that your action also affects others around you. Being mindful of your own safety and others is essential, to ensure everyone with a fun riding experience. Don’t drink or intoxicate yourself before riding your ski (or anything for that matter). Keep in mind that skis can take up to 300 ft to come to a complete stop depending on how fast you are going, leave distance between you and other riders. And lastly, keep an eye out for other boater’s water-skiers, and other jet skiers who may be driving recklessly around you. Slow down or steer clear of these types of riders.

Safety Equipment.

Before you even unload your skis you should have all of the safety equipment you will be using out and ready to go. Three pieces of safety equipment you should have is your life vest (you are required to have this anyway. A helmet for those riders who want to have extra precautions (which doesn’t hurt), helmets can protect you from incoming flying objects or debris in the water. It could even potentially minimize the impact to your head should you fall off your ski and hit the ocean bottom (depending how far off the ground you are). And a rebounding ladder would be great to invest in if you don’t already have it on your ski.

Group Riding.

If possible, it is ideal to ride in a group over, guided, riding alone or with one other person. As we’ve mentioned before the ocean is very different from any other water setting, riding with a group of 3 or more skis can help just in case an unwanted accident or situation occurs like, running out of gas, or maybe just staying near to help other boaters see you in the case of you or someone else falling off of the ski. Besides, riding with a group for safety purposes, riding with a group is just more fun!

Enjoy Your Time on The Ocean.

There is a lot to know before jumping in the ocean with your jet ski and we know it may sound intimidating, but don’t worry. Stay calm, cool and collective, because like we mentioned before panicking will only make a situation you are in a lot harder. Go through every one of these points and make yourself familiar, maybe even an expert in how to do everything you can to make a ride as smooth and safe as possible. If you’ve never ridden in the ocean you may also want to consider going on a trip with a tour guide first. They can typically show you the basics and take you to some areas they are very familiar with.

Tour details on each duration, sharing and private.

    Jet Ski
    Snorkelling gear, life jacket and mineral water.
    Hotel transfer, meal and towel.
Jet-ski Langkawi. Things you need to know.
You might want to know some information about jet-ski tour in Langkawi before place your booking. If your question is not in the list, please send us a message.
  • Meeting Point for Jet Ski in Langkawi. The meeting point of our jet-ski service is located by the beach. To be specific, Cenang Beach. This beach is a long beach with many visitors all day. To find us, please find Casa del Mar Resort, Langkawi. At its beach is where we are.
  • Operation hours of our jet-ski. Our jet-ski business hours is from 10:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs daily.
  • Our jet-ski rate. The 4 hours Guided Jet-Ski Tour to Three Island is price MYR580.00 for twin ride, one unit jet ski.
  • How to book Guided Jet-ski tour ride? Simply click the blue ‘Check My Availbility’ button at the beginning of the page. From there our sales person will confirm your booking with deposit depending the availability. You will then come to the meeting point to start the tour. The balance payment is to be made at the counter.

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