Open from 9.30am to 5.30pm

Located at Teluk Baru Jetty, Langkawi


ISLAND HOPPING LANGKAWI package, is a boat tour start at 09:30 or 14:30 hrs, take you to exotic islands Beras Basah, Dayang Bunting and Singa Besar. Enjoy eagle watching. To get discount price, book in the morning.

Things you need to know about Island Hopping Langkawi. Most fun are listed below. If you are missing something, send us a note, and likely we can show you how we can optimized your fun. Click on the pricing to learn more about the price.

As early as 9:30 am, cruise with a long boat with multi racial experienceist from different countries, smile to each other, talk to each other heading to the same destination with different expectation. Some just sit back romancing the scenery with their eyes, some with children playing at the sandy white beach, crystal water, bathing under the sun. The second trip of the day is start at 2:30 pm. But with the private boat, its going to be anytime.

Our private boats start anytime. We have big and small boats. Enjoying the beach with family and friends at the different island is something unique especially for town people. You can forget the whole world for about 90 minutes here. There is something else awaits you at the other island. Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Island). The lake. Not just normal lake but fresh water lake, where the mouth of the lake attach to the sea water. But the lake remain fresh.

Swimming, paddling on the water with paddle boat, solar boats gives you extra experience while at the fresh water lake.

Snorkeling at the Beras Basah Island is another stunning activities you can do in this Island Hopping trip. Please don't forget to bring your snorkel gear or you simple rent it from us. (while stock last).

The eagle is hidden somewhere. You don't see them a while ago. But here at Pulau Singa Besar (Big Lion Island), you will meet up with dozens 'Brahminy kite' the name of the species of the eagle on your head. Actually we don't have to feed them, but it is just the only way to call them so you will able to see them.

The whole experience, will feed you dramatic experience being at those islands. We are not sure if you can find proper word to tell people at home about your finding to the island hopping in Langkawi, Malaysia.

So, bring up your family, friends to the islands of legend, Langkawi, Malaysia.

Different boat for different size of group. We have boat for 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 20. So, place your reservation now.

Island Hopping Langkawi offer lowest price if you can place your booking between 9AM to 12PM.

Make online booking.

Island Hopping Langkawi

The jetty at Beras Basah Island.

Island Hopping Langkawi

People at the beach of Beras Basah Island.

Island Hopping Langkawi

Scene at Dayang Bunting Island.

Island Hopping Langkawi

Panoramic view of Pregnant Maiden Lake.

Island Hopping Langkawi

Panoramic view of Singa Besar Island.

Island Hopping Langkawi

View from the boat.

Island Hopping Langkawi

People swimming in the lake.

Island Hopping Langkawi

Deck at Pregnant Maiden Lake.

Island Hopping Langkawi

Scenery of "Pregnant lady laid".

Island Hopping Langkawi

Boat berth at Beras Basah beach.

Island Hopping Langkawi

One of our boats.


Please use Google maps to find route to our meeting point. If you use GRAB and other e-hailing transport services, search : Island Hopping Alanona.

Location: Island Hopping Alanona

FYI! We offer tour with pick up and drop off service. Check it out at our booking form.


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