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Discover Langkawi's islands on a thrilling speedboat tour. Swim, snorkel, and soak in the sun. Take a shared or private boat for island hopping adventure today!

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The Breathtaking Boat Tour

Introduction: Have you ever dreamt of sailing through crystalline waters, discovering untouched islands, and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature? Discover Langkawi's islands on a thrilling speedboat tour. Swim, snorkel, and soak in the sun. Take a shared or private boat for island hopping adventure today! Join us as we take you through this enchanting journey, uncovering the treasures of Beras Basah, Dayang Bunting, and Singa Besar.

Embarking on the Adventure: Picture this: the sun is shining, the sea breeze caresses your skin, and you're ready to embark on a boat that will leave you in awe. Langkawi island hopping commences at the Teluk Baru Jetty, situated in the southern region of Pantai Tengah, prior to reaching Resorts World or Star Cruise. Whether you're traveling solo, with a partner, or with your little ones, this adventure guarantees an experience like no other.

Exploring the Islands: The tour's main highlights include three exquisite islands: Beras Basah, Dayang Bunting, and Singa Besar. As the boat sails through the cerulean waters, the first stop is Beras Basah, a tranquil haven boasting powdery white sands and turquoise waters. This paradise is a haven for beach enthusiasts, offering a chance to bask in the sun, take refreshing dips, and relish the serene surroundings.

Next on the itinerary is Dayang Bunting, an island renowned for its mythical lake, Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden). Legend has it that swimming in this freshwater lake grants fertility. The lush rainforest surrounding the lake adds to the island's charm, providing an excellent opportunity for a peaceful stroll and nature photography.

Singa Besar, the final destination, unveils Langkawi's rich wildlife and biodiversity. As you venture through the island's wildlife sanctuary, encounters with majestic eagles and other exotic creatures are guaranteed to leave you captivated. Nature enthusiasts will relish this part of the journey, appreciating the conservation efforts in place to protect these remarkable species.

The Langkawi Island hopping boat tour offers two packages which are shared and private, ticket prices are from RM40 per person to RM300 – RM450 per private boat. The prices vary depending on the boat sizes, up to 15 pax. It is perfect for those seeking a budget-friendly group experience. This option is ideal for couples or small groups looking to personalize their journey and create lasting memories.

Duration and Departure: The entire island hopping tour spans approximately 3 hours, ensuring you have ample time to explore Langkawi, the islands of legend. The boat departs from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, providing flexibility for morning or afternoon explorations.

Conclusion: Langkawi's island hopping boat tour promises an enchanting experience that will forever remain etched in your memory. From the pristine beaches of Beras Basah to the mystical allure of Dayang Bunting's lake and the vibrant wildlife of Singa Besar, every moment is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Choose your adventure, embark on this captivating journey, and let Langkawi's natural wonders take your breath away.

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Boat Type Price
Private Boat RM300 per boat max. 8 people
  RM350 per boat, max 12 people
  RM400 per boat, max 15 people
Sharing RM40 (adult)
  RM35 (child)


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