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Island Hopping Langkawi - Alanona.

Private starts anytime from 9:30AM to 2:30PM. 8 person per boat. Sharing boat; RM40 adult, RM30 child. Start at 9:30am.

Island Hopping Langkawi Alanona

The next best thing to do is Island Hopping Langkawi, check the location, timings of the trip, discounted price of the boat tour, both share and private and make your online booking.

Sharing Boat

Visit 3 islands.
Morning trip 9:30am. (Afternoon not available)
Complementary pick up depends on availability.
* if you have more people, we suggest you take private boat.

MYR 40.00 Adult
MYR 30.00 Child

Private Boat

Visit 3 islands.
Start anytime before 2:30pm
Pick up isn't available.
* if you have more than 15 people, you can make 2 boats.

MYR 300.00 Per boat for 8 pax
MYR 350.00 Per boat for 12 pax
MYR 450.00 Per boat for 15 pax

Island Hopping Langkawi. Book now at Lowest Price, Save Big, More Discount.

Island Hopping Langkawi. This a boat tour start at 09:30 to 14:30 hrs, take you to exotic islands Beras Basah, Dayang Bunting and Singa Besar. Enjoy eagle watching.

Things you need to know about Island Hopping Langkawi. Most fun are listed below. If you are missing something, send us a note, and likely we can show you how we can optimized your fun.

As early as 9:30 am, cruise with a long boat with people from different states, smile to each other, talk to each other heading to the same destination with different expectation. Some just sit back romancing the scenery with their eyes, some with children playing at the sandy white beach, crystal water, bathing under the sun. The second trip of the day is start at 2:30 pm. But with the private boat, its going to be anytime.

Our private boats start anytime. We have big and small boats. Enjoying the beach with family and friends at the different island is something unique especially for town people. You can forget the whole world for about 90 minutes here. There is something else awaits you at the other island. Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Island). The lake. Not just normal lake but fresh water lake, where the mouth of the lake attach to the sea water. But the lake remain fresh.

Swimming, paddling on the water with paddle boat, solar boats gives you extra experience while at the fresh water lake.

Snorkeling at the Beras Basah Island is another stunning activities you can do in this Island Hopping trip. Please don't forget to bring your snorkel gear or you simple rent it from us. (while stock last).

The eagle is hidden somewhere. You don't see them a while ago. But here at Pulau Singa Besar (Big Lion Island), you will meet up with dozens 'Brahminy kite' the name of the species of the eagle on your head. Actually we don't have to feed them, but it is just the only way to call them so you will able to see them.

The whole experience, will gives you a dramatic experience being at those islands. We are not sure if you can find proper word to tell people at home about your finding to the island hopping in Langkawi, Malaysia.

So, bring up your family, friends to the islands of legend, Langkawi, Malaysia. Different boat for different size of group.

See you in Langkawi!

Tour details on each duration, sharing and private.

    Price : From MYR300 per boat for max 8 people.
    Tour Type : Private
    Start Time : Anytime from 09:30 hrs or 15:00 hrs
    Duration : 3 hours
    (Double your boat, if you have more people) 
    Complementary Pick Up and Drop Off : Depend on availability. 
    Price : MYR40.00 Adult, MYR35.00 Child (age 3 - 7)
    Tour Type : Sharing
    Start Time : 09:30 hrs or 14:30 hrs
    Duration : 3 hours
    Complementary Pick Up and Drop Off : Depend on availability.

Island Hopping Langkawi Alanona - The Itinerary.

    At 9.15 AM, please be at the meeting point (click here). The sharing boat start at 9:30 AM. as well as private boat.

    The boat will head to first island, Beras Basah or Dayang Bunting. You will be there for about one hour twenty minutes. After that the will come and take you the the second island, and you are free to do anything for about the same duration.

    The boatman will then come again to take you to the third island where you will experience eagle feeding. After that the boat will leave the third island and head back to the jetty.
Island Hopping Langkawi . Things you need to know.
You might want to know some information about island hopping in Langkawi before place your booking. If your question is not in the list, please send us a message.
  • Island Hopping or Mangrove Tour Langkawi? Island Hopping Langkawi vs mangrove tour? Everything are different except the eagle feeding part. Different places, time and location.
  • Island Hopping Langkawi. Get discount and save big. Book now to lock your rate. Island Hopping Langkawi is now offering lower price. Beras Basah, Dayang Bunting and Singa Besar Island.
  • What kind of boat should you take, private or sharing? Island Hopping Langkawi by boat. We have a few size of boats, private boat and sharing boat. The boat is available at out jetty which is also our meeting point. Island Hopping Langkawi with private boat which you can decide if you want to stay at one place longer or skip one island.
  • Is snorkelling available on Island Hopping Package? Snorkelling at the Beras Basah Island is another stunning activities you can do in this Island Hopping trip, Langkawi. The snorkelling gears are available for rent at Beras Basah Island.
  • What is the price for Island Hopping Langkawi 2022? The Island Hopping Langkawi package price is RM40/adult and RM35/child. The private package is depend on the number of people and its start from RM300.00 for max 8 people.
  • Where is the meeting point? Our meeting point or the jetty is located at Teluk Baru, next to Pantai Tengah, close to Resort World Langkawi. Use Google maps and search Island Hopping Alanona.
  • Can you do Island Hopping Langkawi with Jet Ski? Island Hopping by Jet Ski Tour is available and the price is RM550.00 per Jet Ski for 2 persons. The tour is for 3 hours.
  • What is included in the price? Our service is to take you to three islands and you are free to do anything you like at the islands. There are many things to do over there such as parasailing, banana boat, paddle boat, snorkelling, swimming and sun bath.
  • What time the tour usually start? Island Hopping Langkawi is usually start in the morning at 9:30 am and the next trip is at 2:30 pm, while the private boat may start at any time you like to.
  • Where can you get the Island Hopping ticket? Book your Island Hopping Langkawi Tour from this website where you will get instant confirmation after you completed the purchase.
  • Where and how to book Island Hopping Langkawi? Use the book Now button above to book your tour.
  • What are Island Hopping Langkawi activities? The activities are available at Beras Basah Island and Dayang Bunting Island. Eagle feeding is one of the activities at Singa Besar Island.
  • When is the best time to do Island Hopping Langkawi? Island Hopping Langkawi is best to do in the morning. Alanona is the the best Island Hopping with the affordable prices.

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