Refund Policy

  • You place a booking and never show up, with any reason. No Refund
  • You unable to reach the meeting point before or on time. No Refund
  • You unable settle the remaining balance on site and you want to cancel the tour, no refund
  • One of your group participant pulled out because of health problem, so you wich to cancel the tour. No Refund
  • You reached the meeting point and suddendly the rain (light) comes on. No refund. We will wait till the rain stop.
  • You have heavy rain at hotel or somewhere but there is no rain at the meeting point. No Refund
  • You finished the tour but not so happy. No Refund
  • You cancel the tour. No Refund
  • Strictly NO REFUND! Except the reasons created by mother nature like stronger wind, hurricane, heavy rain or maybe tsunami take place at the meeting point for whole day which make not possible to proceed the tour.